Oggi Travel Master
Mug Replacement Gaskets

by Gerald Gaul

How can I find a new rubber gasket for my Oggi Travel Master mug?

From Randy:

I believe that this mug used to be distributed by Sears. If so, they have supply replacement parts for most of the items that are made for them, such as the Craftsman® tools they sell. You can contact them for parts here: Sears® Parts Direct.

You could also contact Oggi at this URL: http://www.oggicorporation.com.

Or, you can try Ace Hardware®, Fleet Farm®, Farm Fleet®, Menards®, and other similar big box and independent hardware stores. They carry o rings and rubber gaskets for any number of items. I would suggest you bring it in with you so that you can find the exact size. The independent stores are usually better at customer service, and would be much more willing to help you. They look for repeat business, and this would hopefully get you back in their store again.

Or you can try the many online stores that offer o rings and gaskets for all types of products. Just type in "replacement gasket" and you should come up with dozens of merchants.

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