Nescafe Espresso
Intenso & Aroma Capsules


Why is it that we can't find the Dolce Gusto capsule "Espresso INTENSO" and "Aroma" in the USA?
I have search every where, i see that you do not have it either.
These are my favored flavors. can you add these to your collections?
Thank you

After searching for these two flavors I couldn't find them available from the online retailers I use for referring customers. They do have regular "espresso", but none of them had "aroma". Apparently these flavors are not authorized by Nescafe to be sold in the U.S.

Amazon also lists the "Espresso Intenso" in their U.K. online store.

Amazon also offers the "Aroma" flavor in their U.K. online store.

I also found "Espresso Intenso" listed online at Dolce Gusto of U.K. Here is the website for them:

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