My K-Cup Makes excellent coffee (as strong as you like)

by Karl
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

I've seen countless reviews on the web that the My K-CUP reusable filter system just can't make a strong cup of coffee. Well I'm here to tell you it can make it so strong you will amazed.

I've had my B-60 for well over a year now. Tried almost all the K-Cup brand coffees and am a very big fan of "Timothy's Midnight Magic" which is an Extra Bold coffee. It hits the spot every time for a nice strong coffee when I'm in a rush.

I've also been working on the perfect coffee with "My K-Cup". And just like brewing a good espresso it's all in the grind and preparation.

I've yet to find a "Folders", "Maxwell house" "Nabob" type brand (aka inexpensive brand pre-ground coffee in a tin) turn out to be a good coffee using my k-cup or other coffee maker for that matter.

Start with unground coffee beans. These can be found at any coffee shop or quality grocer. Pick your favorite blend. Usually you will find a Bunn grinder located there too. This is the commercial grinder with a big knob on the front that lets you select the type of grind. On the dial you will have two Drip grind settings. A fine one and a coarse on. Set it to the course one. This will produce a coarse drip grind similar to a coarse sugar but not as find as table salt or processed sugar.
In fact it's almost the exact size as what you will find in the pre-made k-cups, so open up a used one and get a feel for it's size.

With coffee in hand add your coffee to the fist mark in the My K-Cup basket. Brew a large coffee. See what you think. Not strong enough? Do it again, but tap the bottom of the basket gently on the counter top compacting the grinds slightly. Brew again. Still not strong enough for you. After tapping you coffee at the first line, add a bit more not exceeding the max level, and tap again. If it's still not there, then you're use to drinking bitter coffee rather than strong coffee. I've tried tamping the coffee a bit like you would for espresso and the coffee just gets too tight and you don't get a good extraction of the coffee, it may even over flow and make a mess.

With the large drip grind, just a little past the first line, one tapping, and a large cup brew cycle I easily get a complete extraction, a full bodied, strong cup of coffee, of my choice.

Now go out and find the right blend for you. And for you flavored coffee lovers, brew the coffee in the way I describe and add a splash of Italian flavored syrup and you will never buy "flavored" coffee in a package again. Try Torani Hazelnut and you'll never go back!

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