My choice is Taster"s Choice

by nell kaiser

Your company is coffee! No one does it better, from the selection of the beans, to the creation of the products and your ability to market them. You web site is phenomenal.The way it beckons its readers in with its warm ambiance while using the light of ET to light the way through all the fantastic coffees you offer. All but one; Taster"s Choice Hazelnut ( 6.1 ounce) instant coffee. Oh yes I know you have it in sticks which are supposed to taste the same-which they do not. With the 6 ouncers I put in two giant tablespoons per cup of coffee. Were you aware that it was selling for $125.00 (3 6.1 cannisters)? Please bring back my-our hazelnut coffee. On behalf of your very loyal coffee drinkers across the country. This just was not a very good business decision. Coke -a-Cola made the same mistake when they decided to change their product"s formula and they corrected it because the public hated it. I could go into the experience of tasting TCHazelnut coffee;but I think you know Bring our coffee back.

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