Maxwell House International
Vanilla Nut Coffee In The Stores?

by Gloria Ledford
(North Carolina)


Why is it that I can no longer find Maxwell House International Coffee Vanilla Nut Café on store shelves in my area.

Not sure why your local stores don't have it in stock. It is still available at online stores such as Amazon. You can purchase Maxwell House International Coffee Vanilla Nut Café from Amazon here. Could just be your local distribution center is temporarily out of stock. I am sure that Kraft Foods, the manufacturer hasn't chosen to pull it from stores. Also, it is up to local stores what goes on their shelves. Maybe they pulled it because it didn't sell well enough. You should ask your local retailer about this. Let them know that you are very interested in keeping it in stock. If enough people let them know, I am sure they will put it back on the shelves.

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