Liptons Yellow Label Tea Bags

by Alexander
(Adelaide Sth, Australia)


I have been a Lipton yellow label drinker since it 1st appeared in adelaide in late 90s. I think lately i find it lacks flavor/aroma/strength. In fact it tastes like hot water of late. I thought 2 100 packs ago that it might have been that batch so i gave it another chance for both our benefits. Mine and Liptons.

But the 2nd pack just tasted like any supermarket tea. I have a good sense of taste/aroma. That's why I choose YL. I now find no justification for paying a premium for
poor quality.

What has happened? The last(I hope it isn't) 100 box i got was batch 230713PE

This is the first I have heard of the Lipton yellow label tea bags having poor taste, etc. Not sure what the cause of it might be. Did you contact Lipton directly and ask them? Or you could try asking your supermarket manager to look into it for you.

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