Labelle Silver Co Inc Automatic #1010A

by Mike McIntosh
(Indpls,IN usa)

Vintage LaBelle Party Perk Coffee Maker

Vintage LaBelle Party Perk Coffee Maker


Trying to find a value and any other info available or anywhere that I might find a value and info. or 317 241 4561. Thanks Mac

Found a listing for one on Goodwill with the price starting at $5.00. From the picture it looks like a coffee urn. Price includes the original box which is pictured in the listing. Goodwill list at Nashville, TN: Vintage LaBelle Party Perk Coffee Maker

Goodwill lists another at Albuquerque NM: La Belle Silver Company Percolator Coffee Maker

Another listing:
LaBelle Silver Co. 1940's Antique Percolator Coffee Pot, Sugar, Creamer Set $59.99
LaBelle Silver Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., 1940's Antique Percolator Coffee Pot with matching Sugar Bowl and Creamer Pitcher Set, complete with HTF electric cord. Made of stainless steel and chrome. Purchased in 1941. Coffee pot has been tested and WORKS!

Didn't find any with the Automatic #1010A designation.

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