Krups Replacement Carafe 888

Cannot find this item anywhere online. Is there a proper fitting substitute from another brand that i can use instead?


From Randy:
You didn't give much information for me to work with. What model of Krups machine are you needing this replacement coffee carafe for? Also, a picture and dimensions of the carafe would be very helpful. In the meantime, here is what Amazon has to offer in Krup Replacement Carafes.

Update from Randy 2/27/12:
After re-checking I found the replacement carafe you are looking for. It is available from, Krups 586-42 10 Cup Glass Carafe with lid in Black. This replacement model 888 carafe is for the Krups 888 Caffe Centro Time and also fits the 874 model coffee maker. Carafe is dishwasher safe in the top rack, and has a capacity of 10 cups/50 ounces. The handle has protection for your finger and is insulated to protect you from heat. Keep your old lid just in case. The page states that the lid is included, but in the description it states that the lid is not included.

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