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Kona Premium Coffee CompanyThe Kona Premium Coffee Company is a member of the Kona Coffee Council, the official body of the Kona coffee industry. This means that our coffee is certified by the Kona Coffee Council as 100% pure Kona coffee, and each package contains their official certification sticker. We also are an approved "Estate" by the Kona Coffee Council. This additional distinction means that we completely control our product processing, from field to roasted bag.


  • Kona Premium Coffee Private Reserve Roast 1Lb Bag

  • Extra Fancy Blend 5Lb Bag of Beans - Sold Out
    The highest grade Kona coffee is EXTRA FANCY - the largest beans, usually produced by the strongest trees, picked at the peak of ripeness from high elevation farms.

  • Private Reserve Roast 1Lb Bag of Beans - Sold Out

  • Private Reserve Roast 5Lb Bag of Beans - Sold Out

    A delicate blend of two special KP coffee grades; Kona Extra Fancy, the highest coffee grade, and Peaberry, the most prized grade for taste. These high grade coffees are combined for a very rich and thoroughly unforgettable gourmet Kona Coffee flavor. Like our Estate Roast, KP`s Private Reserve is roasted at a "Medium Dark" temperature.

  • Estate Roast 1Lb Bag of Beans - Sold Out

  • Estate Roast 5Lb Bag of Beans - Sold Out

    The full flavor of the harvest is captured in this 100% Kona roast, consisting of our four highest Kona grades. The Kona beans in our Estate Roast are carefully hand-picked at the absolute peak of ripeness and quality, for an outstanding coffee with a full bodied and mellow taste. The Estate roast also guarantees that the coffee beans were produced only from one crop of the KP Estate. KP`s Estate Coffee is roasted at a "Medium Dark" temperature, which is best suited for Kona coffees.

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