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Review of Inoxkitchen Espresso/Cappuccino
& Latte Set with Frother & Coffeemaker

Inoxkitchen Espresso / Cappuccino and Latte Set with Frother & Coffeemaker

Inoxkitchen Espresso/Cappuccino and Latte Set with Frother & Coffeemaker

  • Inoxkitchen Cappuccino/Espresso and Latte Set with Frother & Coffeemaker
  • 27 ounce capacity cappuccino frother with pump action
  • Frother is constructed of 18/10 stainless steel for durability
  • Coffee maker can make 13 ounces of coffee or 9 espresso cups
  • Coffee maker is constructed of aluminum that is mirror polished
  • Items are dishwasher safe
  • Lower water tank features a safety valve and holds a metal filter
  • The upper tank is where the brewed coffee is deposited
  • Stovetop coffeemaker can be used on either gas or electric stoves
  • Manual frother that makes a thick creamy topping
  • Frother can be used for making your favorite cafe lattes, cafe au lait, and making milk shakes

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