Espresso Maker Rubber Rings

I have an Imusa model gau18200/tsk-182 that I bought at Navarro Pharmacy Discount in Miami Fl mid summer last year,lately the two rubber rings,the one on the top cap and the one where the coffee get attached to the coffee maker are letting the vapor scape like an old vapor locomotive and I am not getting close to no coffee at all.I have been trying to find those rings but I do not find them any where. Do you know where I could find them or order them.

From Randy:
I couldn't find exact replacement o rings for this particular model. These parts could be listed in the paperwork that comes with espresso maker. However, most people lose or misplace the paperwork to all these appliances, and once they need them for some replacement part or warranty work, can't find them.

So, since you have already looked, and I cannot find an exact replacement. I am going to make several suggestions. You could try bringing the old gaskets to a hardware store like Ace Hardware, or a big box store like Fleet Farm or Farm Fleet. These types of stores usually have every conceivable type of replacement gasket, spring, and other part necessary to fix things that you could imagine.

Julio Alvarez

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