I'm frustrated!

by Connie

My Starbucks Sirena, even after cleaning, doesn't work. That blue light flashes, and even if I open the side valve, it doesn't do anything. If I'm lucky, after hours of trying, the blue light goes off (opening & shutting the side valve), it sounds like if isn't getting water inside the tank. The outside water tank, the magnetic float is working just fine. At first, when the coffee was done, it had good "crema" and the used coffee, very dry. Now, the used coffee is watery, and the coffee doesn't taste as good as when new. I paid a little over $500 for this machine when it came out, and I thought of it as an excellent investment. I was really wrong! I am so frustrated! Do you know what's happening with my espresso maker, and what can I do? I have taken real good care of it, and it's only my husband and myself.

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