I would
request a link to my website



I would like to complement you on a very informative website.

I have a 4 websites on 4 different topics -


I provide information and advice to the visitors of my website on the different brands and types of these various appliances which are available for them to choose from.

I would like to write a detailed article on any topic related to my website topics for your website, making it a useful one to the visitors of your website.

It can be a topic like - How Can You Brew Different Coffees With One Machine? -
which i have done for this website for my coffee makers website -


A topic related to air purifiers for your website. It can be a topic like -
Tips on Choosing the Right Air Purifier For Your Home. Like this one here -


How to find the right refrigerator for your needs -

or a topic like this which I did for my washing machine website -

Difference between front loading and top loading washing machines

Or any other related topic.

In return I would request a link to my website from within the article written by me.

Also, you can even set up links within the article to any of the products that your website sells.

Let me know what you think. Look forward to your reply.

Best regards,

If your coffee website wasn't so closely related to mine, placing your articles with a link to your website would be considered. However, we both sell the exact same products and therefore are directly competing with each other. It would be like Walmart trading links with Target. For that reason I must decline your offer.

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