How Do You
Remove a Stuck Teapot Lid?


Can Not Remove Lid From Teapot.
We have the orange Huesnbrews teapot and lid with the two cats pictured on one side and four paw prints on the opposite side. We used this set a few days ago and can not remove the lid. Do you have any suggestions?

You can use WD-40, or any other penetrating oil. Just spray a large amount around the lid, let it sit for a minute or two and then slowly twist the lid. It should come right apart.

If this doesn't work, try this. Get a big enough container to put the teapot in so that you can cover the entire teapot with water. Use hot water, but not boiling water. Then try twisting the lid until it is loose enough to take off.

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Remove a Stuck Teapot Lid?

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May 31, 2016
Release of tea pot from cup NEW
by: Anonymous

it worked, cup in freezer overnight. Teapot lid slipped in cup and stuck. Ran hot water on cup and the lid was released to my surprise.

Dec 04, 2015
Stuck teapot lid NEW
by: Molly

I tried everything I could find on-line: hot water, penetrating oil, cold water, twisting, etc., and nothing worked. Finally, I tried something based on the fact that if the pot were hot and the lid cold they would expand/shrink enough to dislodge the lid. It worked.
Put the entire pot in the freezer and leave overnight. Remove pot and carefully re-heat the pot, BUT NOT THE LID, by running hot water over the body of the teapot. After a few minutes, the lid came loose.
I hope this works for you.

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