How Can
I Make A Website Like This?

Check out this link: Site Build It Websites

My Story:
I started by building one website in 2004 in my spare time. Eventually had seven websites, but found that it was a bit too much for me to handle. So now have 4 websites. My goal is to add new material at least 3 to 4 times a week to each website. My other goal is to be able to support myself solely from these websites.

Using the methods that SBI has taught me, and following the easy to build method of building websites, I can say that my goal has been reached. Now my goal is to increase that income so that I can support myself plus set aside money for investments and for a cushion in case of illness, etc. If it continues to grow at this rate my goal should be accomplished within a year or two.

Anyone can do this and succeed. However, it is not a Get Rich Quick scheme, nor a multi-level business. If you are looking for quick income, skip this, it isn't for you.

You can also make commissions selling the SBI websites. However, most people choose to concentrate on earning income from the website/s they have.

If interested in building your own website and business, just click above, or better yet, here: Website Building

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