Heated Dispensing
Canister #BD505SS-TF

by Kelli
(Vallejo, CA)


I'm trying to find a heated dispensing canister model #BD505SS-TF. Do you have it and, if so, how much does it cost?

Thank you,

From Randy:
Not sure what you are looking for. Is this a coffee related item? I tried finding out what it was, but couldn't find any information on this model at all. More information would be appreciated. I assume from the model number that it is a black and decker product, but cannot be sure without more input. I am assuming since this is a coffee website, that it dispenses coffee. But I have never heard of anything like this, except for dispensing hot lather for shaving.

Any additional information concerning this product would be much appreciated.

Hi Randy,

Thanks for the response.

I did find the Grind Master BD505S-TF I was looking for, a proprietary version of a Grind Master dispenser specifically adapted for dispensing honey, which requires a constant warm temperature similar to that of the hive to keep in it's liquid state.

All the best,

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