Gloria Jeans Coffee
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Gloria Jeans Coffee

Gourmet blends without the gourmet prices. They offer its customers a wide selection of coffees, teas and gifts that are sure to delight all who buy them. Dedicated to bringing you the best tasting blends, this organization has built a reputation for perfection--and it shows no sign of stopping.

Started in 1979, this fast growing chain was originally just one store. But that was not enough to hold its high standards. Quickly, it became a worldwide name, and people continue to demand its perfection in their areas. The gloria jeans coffee branch is associated with quality.


  • Black Gold, Ground, 24 2oz Bag
  • Butter Toffee, Ground, 24 2oz, Bag
  • Cinnamon Twist, Ground, 24 2oz, Bag
  • Colombian Supremo, Ground, 24 2oz Bag
  • Condesa De Costa Rica, Ground, 24 2oz Bags
  • Creme Brulee, Ground, 24 2oz Bag
  • French Roast, Ground, 24 2oz Bags
  • French Vanilla, Decaf, Ground, 24 2oz, Bag
  • French Vanilla, Ground, 24 2oz, Bag
  • German Chocolate Cake, Ground, 24 2oz Bags
  • Hazelnut, Ground, 24 2oz Bags
  • Hazelnut Decaf, Ground, 24 2oz Bag
  • Human Being Organic, Ground, 24 2oz Bags
  • Light Roast, Ground, 24 2oz, Bag
  • Paradiso, Ground, 24 2oz, Bags
  • Special Blend, Ground, 24 2oz Bags
  • Special Blend Decaf, Ground, 24 2oz, Bags
  • Sumatra Dark, Ground, 24 2oz Bags
  • K-cups for Keurig Coffeemakers
  • Choosing only the finest ingredients, their coffee offers its consumers a rare treat: coffee that actually tastes like... well, coffee. This is not the diluted, hard to drink product found with most stores. This is something all-together different.

    Using only the highest quality beans, they make each brew with practiced perfection, honing on what tastes will suit their customers. The process has developed since the first store and will continue to develop. Gloria Jeans Coffee is not satisfied with remaining docile.

    So determined are they to get a perfect blend that they promise to refund any customer who is not satisfied with their coffee. If you are not happy, then they are not happy. It is this kind of relationship that makes their coffee a worldwide sensation.

    If you are tired of that dull cup of coffee every morning, then we do suggest Gloria Jeans Coffee. Why not wake up to the smell of a freshly brewed, perfectly made cup of coffee? Don't you deserve something that good?

    From their Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, the rarest of all blends with its spicy taste, to the sweet Pacific Peachberry blend, the Gloria Jeans coffee house is sure to have a perfect match for your tastes. They guarantee it.

    Of course, some would argue that such perfection comes at an unfortunate price. This is not exactly true. They offer reasonable prices for their hard work, but this is not for the casual coffee drinker.

    Often, a pound of coffee can run well over fifty dollars. Don't gasp; that is not so bad when you realize the amount of quality you are actually getting.

    Still, some of you may find that too expensive to pay and, if you do, you are probably right. Only the most devoted of coffee drinkers would find that a reasonable price, and that is why they buy it. For the ones who nearly fall out of their chair, it is not recommended that you pay.

    With gloria jeans coffee, you get an utterly unique experience: great taste. This is not an easy claim to make but they do so with aplomb. They know their process works and they stick by it.

    If you seek something better than that stale cup of coffee everything morning, then we recommend gloria jeans coffee. You will find the perfect blend for you at a price you can afford.

    Krueig Single Cup Brewing System

  • Keurig B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System
    Elite - Single serve coffee system, makes single cup of coffee or tea in 40 seconds, no measuring, no mess, no clean up. Removable water tank, brews coffee and tea @ 195 degrees. Makes an 8 once cup of fresh, hot and consistent coffee and tea. Removable drip tray to accommodate most travel mugs.

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