Giada De Laurentiis Coffee Maker

by Jo
(Alleghenyville, Pa)

My Giada De Laurentiis coffee maker no longer works. Have not had it very long. Most expensive I've ever bought and lasted the shortest amount of time. My husband bought an inexpensive Mr. Coffee and it's been wonderful for a long time. Wish I had read these reviews before purchasing.

From Randy
You bring up a very good point about reading the reviews on any products you intend to purchase. Granted, sometimes the person may be biased due to an interest in the company, or they may have a grudge against the company, etc. But for the most part, you will find out valuable information that is not contained in the product description.

Very often the information in the reviews is more informative because it comes from actual users without any hidden agenda. I would recommend that you always read the reviews, even if there is only one.

Then if you decide to purchase the product, do future customers a favor and add your own viewpoints. They will be appreciated by others just as much as you appreciated reading them yourself.

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