Flavor Changes

by Beth
(Olympia, WA, USA)


Hello, I have been drinking your coffee and teas for about 40 years now, but in the last 3 to 5 I have sometimes had trouble finding several, and then when I did locate them, the flavor is NOT the same - and not in a good way.... Please could you go back to whatever formula you were using 10 or so years ago? It is serious enough for me that it will make a difference as to whether or not I continue to purchase them or resort to coffee shops and drive-throughs. More than that, all my friends and family felt the same way when we compared notes, and I see similar comments on this site by others. Please reconsider how you make & distribute these. Thank you. BC

The General Foods International Coffees you are referring to is manufactured and distributed by Kraft Foods. The General Foods coffees have been replaced by Maxwell House International Cafe coffees. Some of the flavors have been dropped, while others have had the recipe changed. If you really want them to change you need to contact Kraft Foods directly.

Here is the address:
Kraft Foods Consumer Relations
Post Office Box Y
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18706

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