My hamilton beach percolator lasted less than a year and by the time I tried to contact Hamilton beach, the warranty was up. I treated it gently, cleaning it properly, but now it just makes tepid beige water.

This coffee pot stopped working a month ago. My email to them to get it fixed was one week later than the expiration date of the warranty. It is ridiculous that this percolator only worked for less than one year! I will never buy Hamilton Beach product again. Plus the fact that the girl on the phone in customer service said she had to have a Model number and there is NO MODEL NUMBER ON THIS UNIT!!! She told me again and again and again that she needed a model number from the bottom of the coffee pot and never told me I could just look the model number up. She said they had model numbers on ALL of their units and short of calling me a moron, she said look on the bottom of the coffee pot and give me a model number, a model number, and told me to get assistance from someone to give her the MODEL NUMBER which is NOT ON THE UNIT - otherwise she could not help me. I told her it was not there and she corrected me, told me if I don't find it, she cannot help me, and gave me no other options. I used a magnifying glass and read her everything on the unit and she said she was going to hang up on me if I did not give her a MODEL NUMBER!!!

I treated this coffee pot in a very delicate manner, keeping it clean correctly, not immersing it in water, doing everything I was supposed to do.

I did some research and it is either the thermostat or the heating element that is out already. Also, the 2 year warranty is only 1 year - they put another product in the warranty description that has nothing to do with the coffeepot that you actually purchase.


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Oct 14, 2015
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I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that's at the other blogs.
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