Cuisinart DGB-300 Automatic
Grind and Brew 10-Cup Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DGB-300 Automatic Grind and Brew 10-Cup Coffeemaker

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    Cuisinart DGB-300 has a one to four cup setting and can brew up to ten cups of coffee per brew. One of the added features and the automatic grinding of the coffee beans and then automatically brewing the coffee. Comes with a scoop and gold tone filter. Has the handy feature of being able to pour a cup of coffee midbrew due to the brew-pause feature. Has a limited warranty that lasts three years.

    The unit has a height of 16.4 inches, length of 12.7 inches, a depth of 12.7 inches, and weighs eight pounds. This unit is taller than most other machines, so you might want to measure to ensure that it will fit on your counter. Unit in built in China, has strength settings and multiple cup settings. Provided with automatic shutoff and programmable clock/timer allowing you to have fresh brewed coffee when you wake up in the morning.

    Comments from Customers: One of the negatives mentioned by several owners is that the grinder is very noisy. Granted, most grinders are. Also, the grinder cannot be turned off while grinding until the cycle is completed. The temperature and flavor settings allow for the exact temp and flavor for each individual. Might take a little experimenting for the exact setting for each type of coffee bean you might choose to brew.

    The Cuisinart DGB-300 coffeemaker also comes with a self cleaning function. This feature lets informs you when calcium buildup needs to be cleaned for optimum brewing performance.

    One of the negatives mentioned by one customer is cleaning the unit. Seems there are a lot of parts which have to be removed to be cleaned making it a chore to do. However, not everyone agreed on this point. Some purchasers state that it is easy to clean and can be done quickly.

    With the automatic grinder the Cusinart DGB-300 Coffee Maker is designed to be used with whole beans. However, if you disable the grinder you can use ground coffee if preferred.

    Currently the Cusinart DGB-300 Coffeemaker has been discontinued. However, you can still find them new, used and refurbished.

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