Cuisinart DCC 1150 Coffee Maker

by Cindy
(Melbourne, Arkansas)

Cuisinart DCC 1150 Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DCC 1150 Coffee Maker

This Coffee Maker is the worst! Coffee is very difficult to pour from the carafe, in addition it is impossible to empty the carafe without taking the top off. Several times I have stumbled out to the kitchen in the morning for my wakeup cup, only to find the coffee all over the counter and the floor and none in the pot. Not sure why this phenomena happens, but it sure starts the day out wrong!

The unit has a light that comes on and flashes when it deems it is time for you to clean the machine. Cleaned the machine three times in a row and could not get rid of the flashing light. I finally resorted to unplugging it and having to reset all the functions to get rid of the annoying light.

I have only had this machine for 5 months and the paint has worn off the carafe plate and is rusting. We use this unit once a day to make one pot of coffee. It is not as though we are all day coffee drinkers that keep the pot going.

This unit is a piece of junk and I would return it but I bought it for my new house and lost the receipt in the move, so I guess I'll toss it and refrain from buying another Cuisinart product.

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