Cuisinart Carafe
Replacement For Coffee Maker

by Claire
(West Palm Beach, FL )


What do the initials CRF and PRC mean? I am looking for a replacement carafe for my Cuisinart coffee maker. I was told to find a DCC 1200 CRF. What I am finding is DCC 1200 PRC. I need to know if the PRC would work, but I don't know what it means.

As far as I know the initials CRF and PRC are just a designation given to the product. I don't think it has any special meaning other than to designate each carafe with its own model number. You didn't mention what model coffee maker you have. The DCC-1200PRC fits Cuisinart coffeemaker models DCC-1200, DGB-500BK. If you have a DCC-1200 the PRC will work.

Who told you that you need the CRF model? I cannot find information on a CRF carafe anywhere.

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