Counter-friendly too

by SK


A big reason why I like the more traditionally styled under-cabinet coffee makers is the removable water reservoir. It's easier for me to fill than the typical water holders built in to coffee makers. With the standard style under-cabinet coffee makers I can fill the reservoir at a working height that's good for me - I'm rather short. Then I have no spilling and an accurate water measurement - something that's next to impossible in ordinary coffee makers, (spills, cannot see the measurement line inside a usually dark container.) So when I see these new under-cabinet coffee makers that have no suitable housing to allow them to sit on top of the counter, I'm not pleased. The newer designs require that they be mounted under a cabinet or shelf. It appears that they cannot simply sit on the counter. Please direct me to a model where this is still possible and pass this concern onto manufacturers. They could at least offer one model with this feature. Thank you Ultimate Coffee.


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