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    Boston Warehouse Coffee Caddy
  • Boston Warehouse Bistro Coffee Caddy Set. Looks better in the picture than it really is. The handle is made so that it will only fit a small hand, so unless you have smaller hands, it isn't of much use to you. Plus, it doesn't feel like it would support the weight of full containers. Overall the product is not a good value for the price.

      Dispenser Rite
    • Dispenser Rite Coffee Condiment & Stir Stick Countertop Organizer. The organizer does what it is made to do. However, it is made of cheap plastic and seems a bit over-priced for the quality of the item.

      • Keurig K-cup Storage Drawer Coffee Holder by HomePlus. This is a great product, durable, and saves counter space. However, you need to keep in mind that it will raise your coffee maker another 3.25". This means you may not have enough clearance depending on the height of your upper cabinets. The unit works great if you have the proper clearance.

        • Milen Handy Caddy Roller Tray for Small Appliances. This handy item works great for not just coffee makers, but also for just about any other kitchen appliance that you keep on your kitchen counter. It is very sturdy and well worth the small amount it costs. Doesn't raise the appliance much higher than it already is, so no problems with clearance between the counter and the cabinets.

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