Cafe Vienna
International Cafe Instant Coffee

by Carolyn Herbert
(Henryetta, Oklahoma)


Why did you change the flavor of Cafe Vienna when you changed your containers. I have been drinking this coffee for at least 30+ years and the taste is definitely different. There is much less flavor, it is not as sweet, and there appears to be more cinnamon added. Get a original container, a new one, and taste the difference for yourself. The two stores where I shop, used to have trouble keeping it in stock.....they won't now. I know when I finish the ten new containers I bought, I will quit drinking it too, and I was basically addicted to the drink.

You will need to ask Kraft Foods which makes the Maxwell House Instant coffees. They manufacture these products. I only write reviews and provide links to Amazon so that you can purchase these items if you want to. You are not alone in your dislike of the new flavors. I have had dozens of complaints on almost all of the new flavors. Your only recourse would be to contact Kraft Foods and file a complaint with them. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be listening, but you can still try.

Here is the address:
Kraft Foods Consumer Relations
Post Office Box Y
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18706

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