Artifical Sweetener in
International Latte Dark Mayan Chocolate?

Does the International Latte Dark Mayan Chocolate contains artificial sweetener?

From Randy:
I am assuming that you are asking about Maxwell House International Coffee Dark Mayan Chocolate Latte, and not the older discontinued version that was called General Foods International; Dark Mayan Chocolate Latte Coffee. Either way, they both state that they are naturally and artificially flavored. Now, I don't know if the sweetener is artificial or not, but I would assume yes, that it is.

Far as I can tell, you can no longer purchase the older General Foods version, unless you find it in some back stock at your local grocer or big box store. Or you might possibly find it online at one of the auction stores such as ebay or Craiglist. As for the current versions, I have it listed, and it can be found in local grocers and other online stores.

You can find over a dozen other varieties and flavors of Instant coffee from Maxwell House International Cafe instant coffees. Many of these are remakes of the older versions, and several new flavors have evolved. You can get sugar free versions of some flavors, but not all. There are also several seasonal flavors such as peppermint and pumpkin spice.

Available in Lattes, Mochas, and Cappaccino flavors. Can be purchased in singles packs, or multiple packs.

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