Arizona Green Tea
with Honey and Ginsing

by Donna
(Breckenridge, Co. USA)

Why oh why have they added High fructose corn syrup? There was a time that it only had honey. Then I noted I was gaining weight and craving the stuff - why? HFCS!

There is NO) reason for this crap to be in this or any foods. We no longer buy this product (or any product with HFCS) and we used to buy a LOT of it at a time. 2 customers lost.

Would they consider making a version without HFCS?
BTW, I wanted to complain directly to them, but their official web site has no way to contact them.

Here is Contact Information for Arizona Tea:

Arizona Beverage Company
Address: 1 Arizona Plaza at 60 Crossways Park Drive West, Suite 400
Woodbury, NY, 11797
Phone: 516 304 3324

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with Honey and Ginsing

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Feb 08, 2012
High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
by: Chuck

I have been buying and drinking this tea for several years, now! I used buy it by the gallon at CVS Pharmacy stores. Now, that it has become a popular product with the consumer thinking they have found a healthy form of prepared tea, it is becoming harder to find. Although, I enjoy the tea hot or cold, I do have a concern for the HFCS as a sweetener. Why would this be preferable to the honey, which is already an ingrendient? I'm sure it is more cost effective to use the HFCS but, you are losing a lot of people to the health concerns associated with HFCS. If you ever decide to remove HFCS, from your product...I will gladly injoy another healthy drink from your product line. In the meantime, I do not want to poison my body anymore than what it already blood pressure is impacted by this ingredient.

Aug 07, 2011
Effects of Ginsing
by: Lori S

I would like to make the suggestion of placing a warning label on your product of Arizona Green Tea with Gensing and Honey. You should disclose on your product that person's with High Blood Pressure should refrain from drinking this product. I am not disputing the health benefits of green Tea but the possible health hazards of the Gensing. For a true example, My Mother drank this product thinking she was doing her body good but on the contrary she was placing her life in grave danger. She went to her doctor complaining of migrains. Thank goodness, Her doctor had the foresight to check her blood pressure and the doctor immediately told her to get to the Hospital. She was admitted into the emergency department with a blood pressure of 218/80. She came very close to having a stroke with a pressure of 218. Come to find out it was the Gensing that was the culprit. Thank goodness, she found this out before it was too late. If you really care about the consumer that drinks your product please place warning labels stating the dangers of drinking green tea with Gensing. This could possibly avoid any lawsuits against your company. for wrongful death. Cigerette companies take the intiative and warn the consumer of smoking so should you warn the consumer of drinking green tea with Gensing. I believe the federal drug administration should be aware of this fact as well.

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