Adkaf Desktop Coffee Mug Holder

by Digby Green
(New Zealand)

The Adkaf desktop coffee mug holder is a new patented coffee mug holder that sits on any flat surface and holds your favorite medium or large coffee mug secure - no more spills or ruined laptops.

You all know how easy it is to knock your coffee mug, the phone goes, you reach to pick up a book, or your beloved pet climbs onto your desk.

The Adkaf comes in several colors and holds your mug secure due to its size and special shape. Due to the raised floor it also helps keep your coffee warmer.

They also sit on lounge suites, beds, rv's and boats. They can be used by computer users, crafters, young kiddies, older folks and disabled people.

They are available in red, black, blue, pink and white and are made in New Zealand.

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